Why You Need a Conveyancer When Purchasing Real Estate

forêtWhy You Need a Conveyancer When Purchasing Real Estate

Purchasing a new home or investment real estate is often complicated by multiple-party involvement (three or more), mortgage, title, or lien issues, and land limit, water right, or other misunderstandings. A professional lawyer who deals with all of the legal details necessarily a part of the process of transferring a property safely and securely from the ownership of one entity to that of another is called a conveyancer, and the process itself is known as conveyancing. Any time land and buildings are being bought and sold, the stakes are high for all involved, thus making conveyancing an important activity that is best protected from errors and oversights by obtaining the services of lawyers who specialize in this area of law (this post goes more into depth on conveyancing for those who need a primer).

Conveyancing Lawyers Ensure the Legitimacy of Real Estate Transactions

Of first concern to any buyer after finding a property they are interested in, is being able to be fully confident that the seller is the true owner of the real estate and has no legal impediments on his or her disposing of the property. A conveyancer can inspect the title to ensure it is legitimate, investigate the terms of the mortgage (whether new or old), and also also go over the provisions of any home insurance that the bank may require in order to close the deal. A lawyer expert in this area is able to make certain that all is above board and honest and that no legal detail of importance escapes the notice of the buyer.

A Conveyancer Can Check Up on the History of a House

By using his or her experience and training, this type of lawyer will be able to dig up the significant facts about the house’s present condition and its past use which may impinge on the desire of the buyer to go through with the purchase or on the terms the buyer would expect from the seller. At the very least, it will keep the buyer informed of all pertinent information so as to give him full disclosure and make the purchase one of “informed consent.”

A Conveyancer Can Run Various Searches for His Client

Local land records, blueprints, and other search techniques can establish the basic facts about the house. Often enough, buyers think that some adjacent strip of land is included in the purchase only to find out later they were mistaken. The conveyancer will show you the exact property boundaries. He or she can do a Local Authority Search to find out about local building codes and regulations, whether the locality or the homeowner must keep up the road by the house, etc. A Water and Drainage Search will reveal if the property has a city water and sewer connection or not and how to obtain such. An Environmental Search will provide any data on past land contamination, flooding risks, or other possible concerns.

Confidence and Efficiency Are Worth a Lot in Real Estate

The use of a professional lawyer specializing in the transfer of properties will bring greater confidence that the transaction has been completed successfully and that no hidden surprises are ready to jump out at you later on after it is too late. Their skills also make the buying process faster and less stressful for the buyer. Time, effort, and money are often saved in the long run by hiring a conveyancer, and that course of action is sure to bring more peace of mind.

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