Migrating to Australia Without Expensive Legal Fees

Perhaps you have wanted to migrate to Australia for as long as you can remember, but you paused a the potentially high cost of doing so. Legal fees for this venture are expensive and not for the feint of heart or for those struggling to simply make enough for the move itself. The great thing […]

Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here To Help You

If you find yourself injured as a result of another individual or organization’s negligence, it’s vitally important to understand your rights as well as the options available to you in terms of seeking recourse. A detailed consultation with an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer can establish a firm basis for the decisions and choices […]

Don’t Gamble With Your Family’s Future – Hire A Family Law Attorney

Difficult times often require expert solutions. A qualified family law attorney can help you through the trying situations of divorce, child custody disputes and other aspects of planning for the future. Your family law lawyer understands how to put the law to work for you so that your best interests are protected. Divorce and child […]

London loses out to Paris as host of 2018 Gay Games

Despite extensive campaigning and the support of a renowned, international law firm, the UK capital has lost the opportunity to host the Gay Games in 2018. The world’s largest sporting and cultural event for LGBT athletes and artists was established more than thirty years ago in San Francisco and has now been held in seven […]

Food Poisoning as it Relates to Personal Injury

In October the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that more than 22,000 pounds of beef, ham, and chicken were recalled because of a possible Listeria contamination. Fortunately, thus far there are no reports of anyone getting sick. But this is just one recent incident of what seems to be a growing trend in the possible […]

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a financial toll that should be avoided at all costs. While it does present you with an opportunity to be absolved from all your debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or a reorganization of your debts through Chapter 13, it has heavy personal penalties attached. In a Chapter 7 filing, you must liquidate all […]

3 Unforgettable Virtual Crime Cases

The phrase “virtual crime” surely conjures up visions of hackers and encrypted offshore bank accounts, stealthy thievery through a security loophole, or perhaps murder ordered by internet? Well, you’d be pretty accurate. But what was the motive? For all 3, it was a video game. MMOs, or Massively Multiplayer Online games, take many forms. Some […]

How Lawyers Can Make a Better Impression Online

Years ago, the best a lawyer could do to make an impression on those not met was a Yellow Page ad or other variety of static advertising.  Today, lawyers produce videos, write editorials, and express personality and law knowledge online via personal and commercial Web sites. Digital implementation is a tour de force of marketing, […]

Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Australia

If you have decided you would like to move to the Australia for greener pastures, you’re not alone. Thousands of people annually make their way to Australia in search of better working conditions, nicer weather and a healthier lifestyle. Facing immigration alone can be daunting, there is quite a lot of paperwork to get through […]

Debt Collection law: How to safeguard the consumer rights with FDPCA?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Nation’s consumer protection agency strikes intensively on the booming debt collection agencies, prohibiting the debt collectors from using deceptive collection practices. The collection law implemented by the FTC is known as the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA). The debt collectors are a group of people or companies that […]