Medical Malpractice: Do I Have a Case?

“If something goes wrong, I can always sue, right?” At least, that is what you tell yourself when you go in for a medical procedure. But this may not be possible. Most medical malpractice lawyers agree that medical malpractice suits are often extremely difficult to win. Physicians may require you to sign release forms, which […]

Prepared for a Harassment Lawsuit?

On January 25, 2013, Forbes released an article entitled, “Square COO Rabois Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Charge”. The basic premise of Rabois’ resignation was that a company employee, with whom Rabois had had a physical relationship even prior to the man’s employment at Square Inc., accused Rabois of sexual harassment and threatened a lawsuit unless […]

Teen Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges

Tyler Pagenstecher, a 17-year-old from Cincinnati, pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking charges. He admitted to participating in a ring that sold nearly $20,000 per month of high-grade marijuana to students in his neighborhood. He faced two felony counts of drug trafficking. He was charged as a juvenile. Sold Marijuana to High School Students The majority of […]

Ninth Circut Injunction in re Leavitt

News media companies, including the Associated Press, the Cowles Media Company, the Idaho Statesman and a number of smaller newspaper companies, obtained an injunction from the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court to compel the State of Idaho to allow journalists and other witnesses to observe the complete process of executing Richard Leavitt on June 12. Leavitt […]

Sheriff’s Deputies in California Charged with Selling Illegal Guns

On Friday, June 1, federal prosecutors announced that they were charging two sheriff’s deputies for illegally selling weapons. Authorities are concerned that some of these weapons ended up in the possession of criminals. Deputies Ryan McGowan and Thomas Lu are Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies. They face charges of trafficking in illegal handguns. Some of the […]

Law Students Publish Report Suggesting Wrongful Execution of Texas Prisoner

In 2003, a team of law students from Columbia University began a project studying Texas executions in which eyewitness testimony was a key to the suspect’s conviction. The 400-page report, written under the supervision of law professor James Liebman, will be published in the spring 2012 edition of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review. In […]